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Our Mission

Missions in Haiti is a ministry of David and Alicia Lloyd, and our goal is to see the Gospel of Christ make a difference in the lives of Haiti's young people.

Our Ministries

We have been in Haiti since 1998 and have had many opportunities to minister to children and their families. House of Compassion, our children's home, provides a loving environment for 36 children. We've also started a boy's home, two churches, and three schools. Everything from our building projects to the daily care of our children is funded by our loyal supporters in the U.S.

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Current Newsletter


December 2022


Greetings from Haiti in the name of Jesus!


When I sat down to write this newsletter, I found this was the most difficult newsletter that I’ve written during our 24 years here in Haiti. We always enjoy telling you about the great things that have been accomplished here at Missions in Haiti, but as you probably know, things here in Haiti today aren’t good. Wicked gangs control an estimated 60% of Haiti and there is not a functioning government, the nation of Haiti is in total anarchy. These gangs murder, rape, steal and destroy at will. The distribution of food and fuel are controlled by gangs and there are very serious shortages of both food and fuel. Haiti is one of five nations in the world in a famine, people are starving. 

A number of Americans and Canadians have left Haiti and many Haitians are suffering because those sources for food and medical aid have dried up. Haiti has been labeled the most dangerous country in the world by some sources. Please pray with us that the international community will intervene to help the Haitian police force put a stop to these gangs and to help Haiti restore a functioning government. Also, please write your U. S. Representative and Senator and ask them to get the U.S. military involved in putting down these gangs. 

Hundreds of Haitians are fleeing Haiti every day on badly overloaded rickety wooden boats that aren’t fit to navigate the open ocean. They risk their lives to get to Puerto Rico or the U.S. to escape the unbearable conditions in Haiti...

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