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Our Mission


Missions in Haiti is a ministry of David and Alicia Lloyd, and our goal is to see the Gospel of Christ make a difference in the lives of Haiti's young people.

Our Ministries


We have been in Haiti since 1998 and have had many opportunities to minister to children and their families. House of Compassion, our children's home, provides a loving environment for 36 children. We've also started a boy's home, two churches, and three schools. Everything from our building projects to the daily care of our children is funded by our loyal supporters in the U.S.

Current Newsletter


May 2023

Springtime greetings from Haiti in the name of Jesus!


The humanitarian crisis in Haiti has worsened since our last newsletter. Gangs have taken control of even more area in and around Port au Prince. Thousands more people have been killed, kidnapped and/or displaced. The stories we hear daily really tear at our hearts and we are overwhelmed by the unimaginable needs and problems that the Haitian people are forced to live with every day. We are very thankful that our area has continued to be relatively calm. The gang leader in our area controls one of the “nicer gangs” in Haiti. This gang works to keep the “bad guys” out of our area and we pray that they will continue to be strong enough to keep some semblance of peace in this area. Please help us pray that outside help for Haiti will come very soon, I don't know how much longer the Haitian people can live with this terrible lawlessness, famine and stress.


In spite of all the problems...

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