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David, Alicia, Davy, Hannah, & Samuel Lloyd



Haiti is a nation that has been and is devastated by the powers of darkness.

We are David and Alicia Lloyd. We started Missions in Haiti in 2000 with the purpose of setting Haiti on a different course. We aim to accomplish this by targeting the country's biggest need—its children.  Although the entire nation is steeped in poverty, the children suffer the worst. Thousands are malnourished, uneducated, and headed for hopeless lives apart from Christ.

We believe the doors are still open for Haiti's children to be changed by the Gospel. Through House of Compassion and other ministries of Missions in Haiti, we are working where the fields are ripe for harvest, making a difference in the lives of hundreds of children.


Our son, Davy, just recently got married to Natalie Lloyd (Baker). We are excited to have them join us in Haiti! 

Davy & Natalie Lloyd

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