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January-March 2024

The humanitarian crises in Haiti continues to worsen. The UN reported that during January an average of 26 people were killed every day here in Haiti and many more were injured or kidnapped. Assaults on women and young girls were rampant. Gang members with guns are currently running Haiti and doing unimaginable evil whenever and wherever they choose. 

We were forced to close our school in early February for two weeks due to a raging gun battle between two rival gangs that were fighting for control of an area about 1/2 mile from our compound. We heard that one of the gangs killed every male they encountered during that battle and there are reports that hundreds of men were killed.

We keep hearing that an international military force will be coming to restore order in Haiti. Reportedly, the US has been sending military equipments to support the UN troops that are supposed to be coming from several nations. We are diligently praying intervention will come very soon, please join with us in praying for Haiti. The Haitian people are very depressed and deeply concerned about the current situation in Haiti which seems hopeless to them. 

The Biden administration currently offers humanitarian VISAs to Cubans, Haitians, Nicaraguans and Venezuelans, and a large number of Haitians have bee granted a VISA under this program. Other Haitians are fleeing Haiti by any means possible, including by air and the dangerous rickety boats. A lot of them are going to Central or South America, migrating North through Mexico and eventually entering the US illegally. 

Missions in Haiti has been able to operate in spite of all the headwinds. Good Hope Church has been open for every service even while there was shooting close by at times. Good Hope School only had to close for three weeks so far this year and most of the 450 students enrolled have been able to attend classes. Our staff is discouraged but they are faithful to come to work and to attend Church services.

Our bakery has been a Godsend! The bakery is operating at full capacity and a lot of people in this area depend on the bakery for sustenance since the gangs shut down travel and commerce. We appreciate Davy and Natalie, they stepped up and have been a tremendous blessing to Missions in Haiti and to the Haitian people in this area. They love and help take care of the kids at the House of Compassion, they preach at the Good Hope Church and lead our children's church and our Sunday School. We asked God to provide dedicated people to work with us and allow us to expand our outreach and Davy and Natalie are an answer to prayer! 

We really enjoyed having Hannah and Dakota with us during their Christmas break from Ozark Bible Institute. Hannah was happy to be back home! Dakota preached several inspirational messages during our end of the year revival services. The kids at the House of Compassion were really excited that Hannah and Dakota were here to share Christmas with them and New Year's Day pizza party was big hit! 

We are optimistic that the international military force will be able to restore order and when things improve, we will prayerfully seek the Lord for guidance and direction as we make plans to branch out into other areas of Haiti. Our desire is to build more Churches and schools and to reach more of the Haitian people for Christ.

We have personally witnessed a lot of miracles recently! God has protected our area and provided for our needs. We covet your continued prayers, prayer has lifted us up during the darkest hours when our situation appeared to be hopeless. God is good! 

Thank you for your continued support for this work, we couldn't do this work without your prayers and your financial support. 

Our desire is for Missions in Haiti to be a light in the darkness by sharing the good news about Jesus with people of Haiti! 

Thank you and may God richly bless you for all you do for his children! 

David Lloyd

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