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Greetings from Haiti in the name of Jesus! 

The humanitarian crises in Haiti continues to worsen. The UN reported that during January an average of 26 people were killed every day here in Haiti and many more were injured or kidnapped. Assaults on women and young girls were rampant. Gang members with guns are currently running Haiti and doing unimaginable evil whenever and wherever they choose...

Springtime greetings from Haiti in the name of Jesus!


The humanitarian crisis in Haiti has worsened since our last newsletter. Gangs have taken control of even more area in and around Port au Prince. Thousands more people have been killed, kidnapped and/or displaced. The stories we hear daily really tear at our hearts and we are overwhelmed by the unimaginable needs and problems that the Haitian people are forced to live with every day. We are very thankful that our area has continued to be relatively calm. The gang leader in our area controls one of the “nicer gangs” in Haiti. This gang works to keep the “bad guys” out of our area and we pray that they will continue to be strong enough to keep some semblance of peace in this area. Please help us pray that outside help for Haiti will come very soon, I don't know how much longer the Haitian people can live with this terrible lawlessness, famine and stress...

When I sat down to write this newsletter, I found this was the most difficult newsletters that I've written during our 24 years here in Haiti. We always enjoy telling you about the great things that have been accomplished here at Missions in Haiti, but as you probably know, things here in Haiti today aren't good. Wicked gangs control an estimated 60% of Haiti and there is not a functioning


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