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Bon Espoir (Good Hope), Lizon 

Throughout our years in Haiti we've been privileged to minister through the avenue of education. In September 2008, we were able to open a Haitian school in the area we live. Even though our sponsorship program was enabling a number of students to attend school, we noticed many children were still not able to go to school. Because they are too far behind academically, the schools would not allow them to enroll. Thus many children in the area were unable to attend any kind of school. Bon Repos - Lizon is the avenue by which we are able to meet the need in helping them attend a good Christian school.

The 240+ students attending are receiving not only a good education, but also a healthy dose of the Gospel incorporated into the curriculum. 

Missions in Haiti pays 17 staff members at Bon Espoir and takes care of the $4,000 a year rent. Our sponsorship program helps pay for the students' uniforms, books, supplies, and tuition.

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